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Making money with your Embroidery Machine

If possible, you might consider traveling with your embroidery machine. Where would you travel to? Anywhere where your machine can perform embroidery on items that everyone wants. Ah, you say, but what are items that everyone wants?

Well, let’s get some ideas going here. If you travel with a horse show, what do you think some of the better selling items may be? Of course hunting hats with horses emblazoned on them, as well as all manner of clothing to keep the rider warm also with horses embroidered on them. But think bigger, and consider purchasing some plain horse blankets and taking those along. Imagine how horse owners would feel about a horse blanket with their horse’s name embroidered on it? And if their horse won an award, the date and the award can be embroidered on that blanket too!

Pet shows are an example too of traveling with your embroidery machine that can bring you quite an interesting income as well. Pet owners are even more notorious for wanting items with their pet’s names on them for some reason, it’s a multi-million dollar business, thus why should you not share the wealth? Consider going to a dog show, for instance, with doggie coats and the like that you can embroider with Bowser’s name on? But don’t stop with coats; imagine selling embroidered doggie hats, dresses, jackets, swimsuits, and pajamas and robes too? And we have not even gotten into embroidered accessories either!

Embroidery machine works can be offered at any meeting, any time people congregate in one venue for one particular event. Consider a photographer’s event, there you can sell monogrammed camera bags, small bags in which to keep the now ubiquitous CD’s that new cameras need, and even larger bags in which to keep light meters, and all the other accouterments that a photographer uses. Have on hand a number of different camera embroidery designs that you can embroider as well as many different fonts for personalization, and away you go.

Keep stretching your mind around events such as home shows, anywhere where exhibits are warranted. For example garden shows are a prime example of somewhere where you can show off your embroidered designs of various flowers and plants. Trade shows are also tremendous places to consider. Not only will you be eventually asked to come back to these shows, but also you can then winnow out the ones that made you the least money and keep the ones that were very successful for you! 

Also, remember that the reason you got into embroidery such as this was because you had a creative mind. Use your creative mind to come up with locations where other owners of embroidery machines may not have thought of and be the first to offer specialized embroidery at that event. You’ll enjoy yourself, and this is a great way to be able to travel all over and be able to declare your travel expenses against your income taxes too!

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