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Embroidery Machine Techniques

Granted, using an embroidery machine means that you will have to learn some tricks of the trade for it as well as knowing the particulars of your machine from the booklet that comes with yours, but there are also some tried and true techniques that may be of help. That’s what this article is about. Technique is beyond following the recipe, though if you use salt instead of sugar, assuming they are both white and granular when making a cake, I can guarantee you that not following the recipe will result in a huge disappointment.

Who you purchase designs from is very important and that is because design quality can vary greatly. Those who sell untested designs unfortunately often sell disappointing designs too. Those who use embroidery machines often get together with other users, and word of mouth becomes very important. If in doubt about a company, ask!

Be aware that misalignments and poor fills are usually the result of either poor stabilizer choice or fabric slippage due to shoddy hooping techniques. This will only be true if you are using tested designs. Remember that the more securely fastened your work is, the better the results.

Thread tension adjustment may have a lot to do with poor results too. Granted you will learn what tension to set your machine at from experience, however general ideas are that too much tension equals thread breakage and design distortion. Too little tension results in the bobbin thread showing through the top of the particular design. Another indicator is that the fill areas have loose loops of thread. These loose loops of thread in the fill area mean that the top thread tension should probably be tightened, or if the top thread is not pulled through enough then bobbin tension should be tightened.

Generally if you have an excellent instructor teaching you embroidery machine tips, the instructor will be adamant about performing the tedious chore of thread trimming as soon as there are any color jumps. In this way, color jump stitches are not stitched over making you have to find them as they are buried, and you will eventually come out with a much better product.

Just as you learned to test your experiments when you were taking chemistry in school, it is exceeding important to test out your embroidery machine work on a practice piece of scrap cloth prior to actually doing the work. When you consider all the adjustments that mean the difference between excellent embroidery and shoddy embroidery, doing a test will allow you to adjust thread tension, your hooping and of course the proper use of stabilizers. 

Above all, learn to experiment with your newly found joy of embroidery machine techniques. Machine embroidery can make you fall in love with your own creativity you know? Never be afraid to create new things, try new techniques, and thus surprise yourself. Make new designs, and try out new things, and then you’ll be surprised at how much you can teach yourself!

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