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Embroidery as a Hobby

One of the most satisfying hobbies is embroidery. First it’s absolutely gratifying to watch your own work with a needle and a hoop come to life. It also means that you’ve expressed yourself artistically, perhaps making your own design, choosing the specific colors of thread you use, and finally the dedication you’ve put into each piece resulting in a beautiful keepsake your family will long enjoy.

One of the reasons why embroidery as a hobby is so satisfying too is because there are an unlimited amount of effort and creations that you can do. Not all embroidery is tiny exquisite multi-colored flowers on a handkerchief, but embroidery can be the edge of a king-size top sheet that will grace your wedding bed, a pair of your first his and hers pillowcases, or a sampler showing the date of your wedding, along with whatever else you wish to record on that sampler.

The history of embroidery goes back very far, ever since fabric existed, as others decided to add something pretty to the fabric. Thus often embroidery preserves family history, recording weddings, births, first homes, and other dates that have family significance.

It is even a way that you can meet sociable embroidery people. You will be surprised how many other “embroidery people” you will meet in embroidery classes, or at your favorite hobby store. Embroidery people tend to attract other embroidery people, and next thing you know you are part of an embroidery group that meets at other people’s homes to learn other embroidery techniques, compare work, and just chat about embroidery.

Embroidery collections sometimes can be absolutely awesome.  Granted, you will always cherish your first embroidery work, but at times people will take on huge projects, such as colossal tablecloths along with 6 or 12 matching napkins for instance. The work may actually take up years of work depending on the amount of embroidery needing to be done on the particular cloth be it a tablecloth, a king size sheet or a gigantic wall hanging. 

Keepsakes such as those are usually passed on from great-grandmother, to grandmother, to mother and finally to a daughter who will cherish such keepsakes. That’s partly what makes embroidery so satisfying too.

Interestingly enough too, sometimes such keepsakes are a mark of fashion’s changing and evolving. The fine embroidery work that is done on some children’s clothing is an example of the evolving of fashion. While Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck are considered an icon in our own world, they did not always exist, thus other characters will sometimes be found on embroidery work that harks a different time.  Thus you can see history being marked in your embroidery work, even if there are no dates involved at all.

Of tremendous interest is the keeping of various cultures via embroidery. The best example of that is the exceedingly fine embroidery found on Chinese clothing. Chinese embroidery goes back for centuries, even back to the Neolithic age, and different techniques have even been named for the regions they come from.

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