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Advantages of Using Machine Embroidery over Manual Embroidery

The specific art form that has been practiced by women for so many years not only involves a tremendous amount of skill with the needle but also creativity, as not everything came stamped for covering with embroidery back in the “old days” of yesteryear involving manual embroidery. When the Puritans landed in the new country, they brought with them pieces of embroidery, as often they were cherished pieces made by their relatives. The point being though is that the desire for embroidery came with those Pilgrims. However, subsisting in the new land was much harder than they had envisioned, the winters more severe thus there was not much time to fritter away embellishing clothing, it was bad enough that clothing had to be sewn by hand, much less embellished.

Clothing was patched, and repaired over and over again, as material was extremely scarce, and even when it had turned to rags, it was used for various and sundry things such as plugging up tiny air cracks in their homes when the winterized cold air tried to come in. One has to realize that rags were finally utilized to make paper, which was very much in short supply. This accounts for the making of quilts back then, when even tiny scraps of cloth had to be utilized and treasured. Manual embroidery was taught to all women, because there were so few instances of being able to express beauty and one’s creative spirit.

Today the creative spirit still lives, but is explored through the art of machine embroidery instead of manual embroidery. The advantages of this are of course that it saves a lot of backbreaking work and perhaps even sore fingers, but also if one factors in the time spent on hand embroidery, then machine embroidery is cost effective assuming that “time equals money” of course.

Computerized embroidery creations are of course in high demand today, and being so much faster than hand embroidery, more items can now be covered in embroidery than ever before. Even the items have changed with the advent of computerized machine embroidery, such as the use of embroidered baseball caps now worn by either men or women.

Creating computerized embroidery consists more of selecting digitalized embroidery patterns called software that are put into the machine’s memory banks. The operator then has to load the machine with the proper colored spools of thread and in essence after throwing the switch, can sit there and watch the machine perform the task in minutes.

Going back to hand embroidery, as mentioned above it was an art form, and like all art created by humans, occasionally the hand shakes, a stitch is imperfect, or even rarer, occasionally a stitch is missed. A machine on the other hand, puts out a perfect product, with all the stitches done perfectly, and it never misses even one stitch. Once the software is perfected, it will put out a perfect product each and every time, one product unremarkable to the other provided everything else remains the same.

Considering all the advantages of machine embroidery, as opposed to manual embroidery we can now sum it all up in the following sentence. It is very cost effective if one considers the time spent on hand embroidery, and the finished rendered product is perfect.

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