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Getting Creative With Free Embroidery Designs

Embroidery is gaining popularity as a creative past time once again. Embroidery is an artistic activity that has been performed since time immemorial. Traditionally done by hand, the ability to do embroidery was seen as a highly valued and useful skill. After the Industrial Revolution, the advent of the embroidery machines revolutionised both the qualitative and quantitative value of embroidery. After a certain lull period, machine embroidery became popular again in the 1950’s in America, during the Baby Boom age.

After another period of lull, the advent of the internet into the homes of the common people played a great role in bringing back embroidery as a popular past time. The availability of embroidery machines as well embroidery designs was an important reason for this renewed interest. The internet has numerous websites that offer free embroidery designs that can be easily downloaded. Earlier, people had to buy embroidery design books and catalogues. They would have limited designs and would not offer as much as variety that the websites now offer. These designs are extremely popular among the seasoned embroidery designers, who use these designs as a part of their work.

The availability of free embroidery designs has led to the upsurge in the creative instincts of amateur embroidery enthusiasts. Young school and college students also log on to these web sites and download these free designs. These designs are easy to find and download. The most important fact is that getting these designs does not involve any hard work or investment of any kind. One just has to log on to these websites, register, browse through the designs, and just simply download the one they want to use. To make this process even more simple and less time consuming, the designs are usually put in different categories.

There are a number of ways to creatively utilise these designs. These designs can be used to decorate the household linen, and create pretty designs to brighten up the boring curtains, covers, pillow cases and other stuff that may be too expensive to change completely. One can also create monogrammed handkerchiefs for all the members of the family. These embroidered handkerchiefs make great gifts for all near and dear ones. Not only are they inexpensive to make, they also add a personal touch to your gift and make it even more special. The thought and hard work matters more than the cost of the gift.

For people who are more confident about their skill, there are designs that are suitable for T- shirts, sweatshirts and jackets. Customising outfits can be extremely fun and fulfilling. Creating similarly embroidered T-shirts for your group of friends together is a great way to have fun. For professional people, creating embroidered uniforms for your uniforms is a good idea. Making personalized items for friends, family and colleagues is an amazing way to connect with them. So, make the most of the plethora of free designs available on the internet and let your creativity flow!

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