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Modern Day Designing Demands in Embroidery Works

Embroidery works are designer and often expensive. However, the modern day designing trends in embroidery works is attractive designs at low costs not only in India but all over the world.

As one of the embroidery designer rightly remarked; expensive nature of an article does not make it unique. Exceptionally beautiful designs can also be created with inexpensive materials.

It is Not Just Tools But Much More
Embroidery work does not refer only to the tools used for the works like sewing ring and the materials like threads, beads, and others. It is much more than that. In fact, it is the skill and creativity of the designer that gives the embroidery works their souls.

Synonymous with Beauty and taste
An ancient as well as respected craft all over the world, embroidery works have become synonymous with excellence in beauty and taste today.

High Price of traditional products
Traditional embroidery works carry exceptional beauty and class but are often priced exorbitantly taking them out of the affordability range of the average buyer. Good news for the prospective buyers is that in modern times a myriad of variations have come up in the art of embroidery works.

Some of the common types of embroidery works that are very popular among the customers are –
• Zardozi embroidery;
• Pearl embroidery;
• Wire works;
• Jute and grass embroidery;
• Velvet and ribbon embroidery.
There are multiple others but these are some of the most popular variations of embroidery works.

Each type of embroidery works has its own unique advantages. For example grass embroidery in combination with mirror work gives a different look to the item on which it is used. Very popular embroidery is velvet embroidery registers a three-dimensional look.

Modern Trends
Some of the latest trends in the field of embroidery works industry are as follows.

• Zardozi, one of the traditional embroidery work form that have withstood the taste of time and has not only continued but is booming in the industry. With materials like beads, coiled wires, sequins, and dabka it is one of the most beautiful embroidery works that is used on garments as well as on cushions, curtains, covers, tablecloths, and wall hangings. However, it is a bit expensive in nature.

• Copied from Bollywood movies the Bollywood calling is one of the most popular embroidery types. Unique feature of it is that the trends change seasonally and many old yet exquisite working styles have made their comeback with this form of embroidery works.

• Mirror works and oxidized metal embroidery are two other popular forms of embroidery works that is most popular in the market. They are used in costumes as well as other household fabric articles enhancing their appearance and style considerably.

• Wire works with intricate designs are used on hand bags, and purses. These embroidery works are made using hand as well as machines.

Two other upcoming fashion trends in embroidery works are leather patch and kora or spring embroidery that is gaining popularity steadily in the user circles.

However, one thing that transpires from a study of the current trend in the market is the re-emergence of classic designs in embroidery works.

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