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Machine Embroidery of Words

From the days of old when embroidery was new to mankind it has been the desire of those who embroider to use lettering or symbols to spell out something. It may be as simple as someone’s initials, or their full name embroidered on a piece of clothing, and sometimes the ubiquitous writing out of a grandson’s first name on his first baseball hat. The point is that the embroidering of letters or words is often vital to those who embroider.

Embroidery Machines Have Built-in Fonts

Thus one of the eternal joys of having an embroidery machine is that the making of letters whether to write out a message or simply affix initials is often as simple as picking out the letters you desire out of the built-in-fonts on your own machine found on your control panel. Depending on the sophistication of your machine, you can ask the machine to rotate them, resize them, or make many of other editing functions.

The particular embroidery frame size will of course delineate the exact amount of words or letters that you will be allowed to embroider all at once. Again, depending on your particular embroidery machine, you will either be able to work multiple lines, or be limited to working on only one at a time.

Digitized Fonts

Online Internet digitized fonts are easily available, sometimes free even or at least at a realistic rate, on a ton of sites such as Etsy. What is really nice about these digitized fonts is that they will go beyond the letters of the alphabet, but also allow you to have some unique symbols, punctuation, as well as numbers. The fact that they are all created of the same font means that you will be able to merge them easily and thus stitch them out perfectly.

Depending again on the sophistry of your machine, you may be able to combine everything directly onto the machine. Should you not have that facility, then you will be able to utilize embroidery software to merge them as you like, and finally save it all in one file to utilize for stitching.

Computer Fonts

The same software embroidery programs may also allow you to actually convert computer fonts into your own embroidery designs. If you are seeking some specialized fonts, do not overlook this possibility.

Manual Designs and Combinations

Granted there are some who balk at having to purchase embroidery software only to combine designs and letters in even well-spaced out positions for embroidery. Should you be one of the lucky people who have an eye for this, you will find that it is indeed possible with the use of grids. Take care to embroider only one letter at a time making this a wearisome and tricky job, but as in all difficult and tedious jobs, the rewards are certainly self-satisfying! Part of having to do one letter at a time is that your embroidery machine will make it necessary to either move your hoop or even have to re-hoop it.

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