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“How To” Guide for machine embroidery

Now that embroidery machines are lower priced than before, getting an embroidery machine is something that many people can afford, and find that it is quite easy to operate. These machines will perform many different types of embroidery patterns, and best yet do so automatically! Although there are classes held for machine embroidery most people can merely use a “how to” guide to handle the machine with ease.

The use of crewel embroidery creates a very specific style of free embroidery. Because of the built-in weight of all that stitching, it used to be that it was always applied to cotton or some kind of linen. Today it is done on jute, net fabrics, silk organza, rayon velvet, cotton velvet, or on a kind of silk called matka silk which was often used for making pincushions and still is today.

First off you will wish to install the right types of thread spools into your machine. Remember that most machines can actually handle many types of thread as well as substantially different amounts of thread. Thus, you should know what will be required for that specific application prior to beginning with this process.

For instance, you should consider what the machine embroidery project calls for, in which case you will want to be sure you have the correct colors. Not only do you wish to have the correct colors, but you will also need to get them installed into the correct slots. Thus, you will be certain that the machine will be using the correct threads at the correct times. Also, there are some embroidery machines that labor through signals so that certain colors will be used at one time or another.

Next, you will wish to upload your design into the machine. Be sure and utilize a design that is not beyond what your particular machine can work with. If your machine uses cards, then a special card to carry out that design will need to be mounted into the machine. You will probably find, if your machine uses cards, that special patterns will have been produced for that brand of machine in particular.

It may be that your machine can utilize an embroidery design file that was found online. This too is relatively simple. You would first download the file, featuring the design pattern you desire. You then will either send the file into a special memory card, or perhaps directly into the machine through the provided connection that came with the machine. Connection processes vary from one machine to the next.

Next you will wish to work with the control panel on your embroidery machine. You should now see a graphic display that lets you examine at the pattern on the hard drive, or at the pattern that your device has uploaded. The display should be completely comprehensible and thus it will be simple to ascertain if that certain pattern is the proper one that you are seeking to use.

Just as in anything, machine embroidery will call for some practice and with practice you will be able to see how much fun machine embroidery can be. Be sure and use the “how to” also that came with your particular machine. You will soon find that it is quite simple to produce fabulous looking embroidery with your embroidery machine!

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